New wolves arrive to Superliga Orange

Nuevos lobos en la Superliga Orange
6 enero, 2018
Próximo destino: Japón
12 enero, 2018

Starting a Project from zero is always a complicated task, but after many candidates and negotiations, we can say that the whole deal is finished. Without further ado, these are the new Arctic InnJoo Members:

  • David “Peke” López-Brea
    The madridian born player arrives after a year of full growth both as a team player and individually, being a part of Fen1x eSports, and also has the leadership skills enough to be the team captain.
  • Eric “Dark Soldier” Ramos
    With previous experience at Superliga Orange competing under The G-Lab Penguins, joins us with the will to show why he was nominated as underdog player of the past season.
  • Miquel “Mikel04” Alsina
    With only 6 months as a professional and former GA Rooster, he has had a meteoric rise as a player. He has a wide range of decks dominance, but the Three Musketeers are his signature troop.
  • Alejandro “Regue” Regueira
    As a former Baskonia member, has earned a spot in the scene for his notable runs in tournaments such as Honor Cup and Fun&Serious, and lands on Arctic InnJoo to prove it in the highest-level Spanish league.
  • Alejandro “Alecs” Olmo
    Coming from GA Rooster, Alecs has outsanded by his individual level. With such an exceptional motivation, he joins the organization with a fighting spirit ready to shine on the national scene.
  • Anis “Loupanji” Nazim Haffaf
    The gallic player doesn’t need to be introduced. The past CCGS champ comes loaned from Nova eSports after his previous adventure at KIYF eSports, ready to confirm he is one of the best of our continent.

Team’s captain, wants to let us now on behalf of the team:

“I can assure that all and each one of us team members have the motivation and the volition needed to show what we are made of in the Superliga Orange. Undoubtedly the staff members will help us achieving all our team and club goals. Despite our youth we have determination, skill and we are yearning to face anyone who stands in our way. We are all anxious for the season to start to demonstrate that the organization has made the right choice picking us.”

David “Peke” López-Brea

Regarding the team staff, Rafael “RCarras” Carrasco steps in as complementary coach, whom along with the actual members, Nazca, TyR, Broxha and Dave, will be the ones in charge to drive the team to the top with their work behind the cameras.

But there is even more. To support the team throughout the season, the professional commentator and well-known community member Charlynighter will be joining our family, also ready to howl in the purest Arctic style.

To conclude, the only thing left to say from the directive members is that although we have chosen a young roster and probably filled with some not so known faces, we strongly trust all of them and we are sure that their run this season will be superb.